Public Events

Public Events


The rooms were filled to capacity, and on their Saturday late-nite performance, we took down the wall between two panel rooms to accommodate the crowd that wanted to check out the show! I HIGHLY recommend them for absolutely ANY event if you want to liven things up and thoroughly entertain your crowd!

Jeremy Androsoff, Director of Programming at Anime Revolution
Need some entertainment for your convention or festival? Want a high-performance, low-maintenance group that knows your niche? Enjoy hearing your attendees howl with laughter and delight?

The 404s Improv Comedy Group is your answer.

With our special blend of “Geekprov”, The 404s have had people roaring with laughter at private and public events all over Canada and in the United States for over a decade. We create completely improvised, completely unique comedy shows for audiences of all kinds! We can also gear our shows to be appropriate for families, high school students, professionals and seniors alike. There is no audience we can’t reach or relate to!

Our love of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming and anime helps us bring the unique comedy that your guests are looking for. We know our memes. Our tropes. Our obscure references. Invite The 404s to your convention for a full show of improvised mayhem with a very nerdy twist!

Events we’ve performed at include:

- Anime North (Toronto, Ontario)
- The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
- Animethon (Edmonton, Alberta)
- Otakuthon (Montreal, Quebec)
- ConBravo! (Hamilton, Ontario)
- Anime Evolution (Vancouver, British Columbia)
- Ai-Kon (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
- Otafest (Calgary, Alberta)
- G-Anime (Gatineau, Quebec)
- Con-Version (Calgary’s Literary Sci-Fi Convention)
- Sakura-Con (Seattle, WA)
- A-Kon (Dallas, Texas)

A more complete listing is available at

What To Expect

Because of the nature of live improv comedy, The 404s are incredibly flexible. With minimal set-up time or technical requirements, we can easily fit in with your event’s schedule. We also welcome multiple performances over an event’s duration, so feel free to ask for as much as you want. Our members also have experience hosting events like masquerades, skit contests, and game shows. We are more than eager to help out as needed!