The New Westside 404s – Featured on Anime Alberta!

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The New Westside 404s – Featured on Anime Alberta!


The 404s have been proud to be adding new cast members over the years, keeping the comedy dynamic fresh while maintaining the quality improv our fans know and love. This year, The 404s are happy to welcome five new members to the Westside cast, and the results have been very impressive! The amount of experience and sheer passion for the art of improv embodied by our new blood has already shown on stage, especially at our packed shows at Calgary’s Comic Expo and Otafest. And now, Anime Alberta, a great website and online forum for the local anime fandom, has done a sweet interview with them. Please check it out!



You’ll be able to see our new performers in action THIS WEEKEND at Animethon in Edmonton, alongside veteran members at several of our improv shows and our improv workshop. Thanks to Victor Vargas and the crew at Anime Alberta for giving our new members some well-deserved exposure online!