The 404s @ Anime North!

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The 404s @ Anime North!

We’re back, bigger, better and badder than ever! In celebration of TWENTY YEARS OF ANIME NORTH, The 404s are proud to bring together their best improvisers from across the country for a megashow mashup of anime-themed, improvised comedy entertainment guaranteed to tickle every otaku’s funnybone all weekend long!


AN 2016 Opening Ceremonies - screen no bar
Improvisation Classroom
After Opening Ceremonies on Friday in TCC Hall H
AN 2016 - Friday - Big Fat Quiz - screen no bar
The Big Fat Anime Quiz of the Year
9:00 pm  in International Plaza Ballroom C


 AN 2016 - Workshop - screen no bar
Haven’t You Heard? It’s a 404s Workshop!
11:30 am in International Plaza Ballroom C
 AN 2016 League - Impro Naisen - screen no bar
6 pm in International Plaza Ballroom C
 AN 2016 Late Night - Otaku screen no bar
Otaku Against Humanity
11:00 in TCC Hall H


 AN 2016 - Sunday - Improv Ronpa - screen no bar
Impro Ronga: The Roasting of Mark Nguyen
4:00 in TCC Hall H.

Facebook Event “Eastside Westside Hoedown Throwdown – The 404s At Anime North 2016″