The 404s 2016 T-shirt Design Contest!

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The 404s 2016 T-shirt Design Contest!

Hail, 404s fans! It’s time for the next in our annual series of beautiful, charming, amazing, COLLECTIBLE T-shirts to be designed… And we need YOUR HELP, so this will be a contest!

For 2016, we’re going to be doing something really cool. To get it done though, we need help finding our FAVORITE 404s QUOTES from our long and storied history. We want to collect the best and most memorable dialogue from our shows. Stuff like:

- A line of dialogue from a show.
- A favorite “Random Lines” game suggestion.
- A favorite “Scenes From A Hat” suggestion.

The best way to find this would be to perouse our extensive collection of videos on our YouTube channel here, and post the quote as well as a link to the video:

A quote doesn’t HAVE to be from a video, but it needs to be from a 404s show – so if you can recall one, just let us know what show it was from (date and/or event) and we’ll verify it with one of the performers who was there. Post it on the page here, or message or email it to us!

We’re going to collect all the submissions for quotes, and pick our favorite. That person will receive a T-shirt of their desired size, featuring the final design! Is that not wonderful?

The deadline is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15. Please, don’t submit anything with profanity or otherwise un-family-friendly-ish material – it doesn’t look great on a T-shirt. But other than that, have fun hunting through our years of content and picking out a great quote!