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2013 is an extra-special year for us. Why? Because it marks the TENTH YEAR that The 404s have been performing. It was in 2003 that we first had a show under that name; and ten years on we’re stronger and better than ever, with plenty of great performances under our belts and plenty more on the way.

To celebrate this anniversary, The 404s will be planning a variety of special events and fun stuff on both sides of the country. Some will be planned well in advance, and some will be completely spontaneous in true 404s fashion. We promise surprises every year, but this year there will be more than most, and some pretty unexpected ones to boot!

We’ve already kicked off the convention season with Taste of Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta; and G-Anime in Gatineau, Quebec! And the celebrations continue with many shows coming (look at the listing ont he right side of this page), as well as our regular monthly shows in Toronto and now Edmonton! Please join us at these events and all the others where we’ll be performing this year (old and new), and help us usher in a second decade of nerdy improv comedy as only The 404s have been able to do it!