Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops


The 404s are looking for new team members! If you’re an aspiring improviser, and an unabashed geek, nerd or otaku, drop by our Facebook page for details on upcoming workshops and auditions.

Who are The 404s looking for?

Motivated, dynamic, funny and witty individuals who want to work in a team environment, to create good improv comedy. Interested persons should be at least 18 years of age, be familiar with improv, and be able to attend rehearsals (in Edmonton, Calgary, or Toronto) ahead of a performance. We will also need people to be able to commit to performances in our current and future schedule.

What experience do I need?

None is required, but a background in improv and/or theatre is certainly an asset. We perform short-form improv comedy similar to the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” show on TV, and we like to follow the principles of improv as taught by Keith Johnstone. We also perform a special form of competitive improv from the Improv League of Improvisors at several of our shows. Additionally, we have introduced long-form improv into our repertoire, so familiarity with that is a nice bonus.

What background knowledge would be useful?

The 404s cater to a variety of audiences, but we specialize in what could be called “geekprov”. Many of our usual audiences are comic book, sci-fi, gaming, and anime fans, so a working knowledge of at least one of these genres doesn’t hurt.

What happens at a workshop?

We will do several improv exercises together, and then some of the games we perform at shows. We’ll be looking at people’s abilities to create a variety of fun characters and perform well with others in the context of an improv show. We then go through several of our more common games to see how you work out in those conditions.

I want to audition. What do I do?

Send an e-mail to the404s @ gmail.com with your name, contact information and a picture of yourself (headshots are not necessary). If you have a resume of your theatre, acting or improv experience, feel free to send it. When an upcoming audition or workshop comes up, we’ll contact you back with the time and exact location.

What if I can’t make the workshop?

Still send in an email as above, and we will keep it listed for future openings.

Contact us if you have any questions as well. We hope to hear from you!