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The 404s 2016 T-shirt Design Contest!

Hail, 404s fans! It’s time for the next in our annual series of beautiful, charming, amazing, COLLECTIBLE T-shirts to be designed… And we need YOUR HELP, so this will be a contest! For 2016, we’re going to be doing something really cool. To get it done though, we need help[...]

November Show Poster

Improv Against Humanity @ SoCap Theatre

Just in time to be on the naughty list, The 404s bring back Improv Against Humanity to the Social Capital Theatre. Armed with our least favourite white and black cards, we disavow any responsibility for taste, decency, and what goes in the blanks. Just the way horrible people like it.[...]

Improv of the Dead

Improv of the Dead

The 404s serve up a course of tasty treats in the form of our Halloween show! This year we’ve got ZOMBIES as our inspiration for our sketches and scenes, and we want you guys to join in on the fun! Showtime: 8pm Tickets: $10 at the door $8 with a[...]