Nerds Shoot First – The 404s Return to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with AWESOME SHOW POSTERS

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Nerds Shoot First – The 404s Return to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with AWESOME SHOW POSTERS

The Calgary Expo is one of the favorite shows we do. This year we’re back with a new selection of themes for the weekend’s performances, including Star Wars, the 1990s, and a riff of STRANGER THINGS marking our triumphant return to the Boyce Theatre!

Check out the super-tastic posters for this year’s shows below. And below THAT, all the information for our showtimes!




Strangerer Thingies – The 404s Present The “Missing Episode” of Stranger Things

Friday, 3:45 PM
Scheduled Room: Boyce Theatre

Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t make it this year, but we’ll still turn it up to “Eleven” with this comedy show! In costume and character, The 404s will create a whole new “missing episode” of the hit show. What secrets does the Upside Down hold? Does the monster play Pokemon Go? IS BARB ALIVE?! Find out here!

Improv Against Humanity IV – A Nerd Hope

Saturday, 5:00 PM
Scheduled Room: Palomino D

Forty years ago, “Star Wars” entered our lives… Help The 404s pay tribute to the legendary franchise (and ALL science fiction!) as we comedically skewer favorite characters, worlds and conflicts improv-style, with the help of the infamous game “Cards Against Humanity” and YOUR suggestions.No force is safe from comedy of this magnitude!

To Improvity and Beyond! – A Comedy Tribute to 90s Nerd-dom With The 404s

Sunday, 3:45 PM
Scheduled Room: Palomino D

Remember the decade when Superman died, when Sephiroth was the baddest game villain ever, and when there were four Star Trek movies, three Star Trek TV shows, and only one Star Wars movie? The 404s look to a golden age of fandom – the 1990s – to inspire crazy laughs, spontaneous hijinks, and a completely improvised adventure from a 90s show of the audience’s choosing!

Improv for the Savvy Nerd – A Comedy Workshop With The 404s

Thursday, 4:45 – 6:45 PM
Scheduled Room: Palomino D

We’re looking for the funny… In YOU! Join the “house team” of Expo comedians for a very hands-on session about how you can learn to improvise on stage and in everyday life, with our signature nerdy twist. And here, we’re always looking for our newest performers. Can you nerdprovise? Come and find out!