Nerdprov Ahoy – We’re at the Calgary Expo!

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Nerdprov Ahoy – We’re at the Calgary Expo!

Eyyup – our “flagship show” for the Alberta genre fandom is upon us again. And as our TENTH ANNIVERSARY celebrations continue, this year at the Expo is a doozy!


We’re the “house team” of comedians at the Calgary Expo, and we’re also proud to be contributing staff, writers and panel facilitators. But our fans know us for our comedic exploits, and this year is great fun. Here are our shows for the weekend:

Boyce Theatre – Friday 4:30pm – Nerdprov Comedy With The 404s
Palomino AE – Saturday 6:00pm – Stump the Nerds Comedy Gameshow
Boyce Theatre – Sunday 2:30pm – Marvel Vs. DC Comedy Showdown!

Also join us for these other great events we’re doing:

Boyce Theatre – Sunday 10:30am – Brony Jeopardy!
Rotary House – Sunday 12:30pm – Improv Workshop

And we’ll also be hosting the costume contest and plenty of panels all over the Calgary Expo. It’s gonna be ten kinds of awesome for our ten years of improv celebrations, for sure. We’re also excited to continue our cast mashup from last year, and this year Big Mike from the Eastside cast will be joining the fun!

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