Upcoming Show

Upcoming Show

Celebrate with us the worst that Improv Against Humanity has to offer! Where your suggestions and our cards come up with wonderfully terrible suggestions for us to perform. Also, this is your LAST chance to see Dany perform, as it’s also his graduation show! Your last chance to make Dany[...]

ConBravo! is coming up! The “Annual Festival of Everything Geek”, in Hamilton, ON. And The Eastside 404s will be there, with special guests brentalfloss and TBA! Oh, that TBA. It’s from Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th. At the Hamilton Convention Centre & Sheraton Hamilton Hotel. In Hamilton. Tickets[...]

The Free Show: Improv Against Humanity

Anime North may be over for another year, but the hot, taut, dri… oh… right… the OTHER “Free”… Yes, the Eastside Cast is keeping up the comedy with their FREE show, Saturday, June 14th at The Black Swan. Based on the hilariously offensive party game “Cards Against Humanity”, The 404s[...]

Yes, it’s true! We’ll be BACK at Anime North! And we’re bringing the Westside cast with us! Again. More of your favourite geekprovery, live, in-person, and ready to make you laugh! Make you cry! And that’s just Dany when he de-pants. And as a SPECIAL BONUS, there will be one[...]

Freakin’ Funny VII

For our 7th show at Toronto’s Black Swan, Big Mike will pit the rest of our intrepid adventurers on a series of hilariously epic scenes, inspired by pen & paper, video game, and (probably) bedroom role playing games! The audience will, of course, also be involved. At their own peril.

Guest Improv at SAIT

We’re doing a guest show at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary – our first show there in almost a decade! Come on down for a great show that’ll feature shorter improv games up front, followed by a long form show afterwards – classic mullet improv.