Eastside Cast

Eastside Cast

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Only when The City is in peril do the true heroes arrive. Or, in this case: The 404s. In a battle for improv supremacy, who will rule? Those who seek the darkness, or those who leap into the sky? Your votes will determine the ultimate winner of this battle! https://www.facebook.com/events/945790055474723/[...]

February Show Poster - Comb

February Love is in the Air!

February is full of love, hope, and other cheerful stuff. So The 404s are celebrating the most beloved and/or reviled holiday with two great shows. First, the Eastside presents “The 404s Pure Love Extravaganza” on Saturday, February 6th. Second, the Westside presents “Singles Awareness Day PRESENTED BY DEADPOOL” on Tuesday,[...]

Anime Shogatsu!

The 404s are happy to help ring in the new year with a new convention – It’s Anime Shogatsu! Downtown Toronto on January 30th, we’ll be helping mock the last year in anime, gaming, and probably throw in a Star Wars spoilers or two cause we can. January 30th, 2016[...]

December Show Poster 4

It’s a Non-Denominational Miracle, 404s

Tired of traditional, all-natural, locally-sourced, ethically-grown, free-trade, vegan holidays? Well The 404s have a Non-Denominational Miracle for you! Ring in some new traditions this year as we miraculously come up with our own holiday, filled with humour, laughter, and geeky tomfoolerly. Specially crafted from the finest of inorganically improvised comedy[...]

November Show Poster

Improv Against Humanity @ SoCap Theatre

Just in time to be on the naughty list, The 404s bring back Improv Against Humanity to the Social Capital Theatre. Armed with our least favourite white and black cards, we disavow any responsibility for taste, decency, and what goes in the blanks. Just the way horrible people like it.

Bravo Smash

A New Challenger Approaches ConBravo!

Yes, The 404s are coming back to ConBravo! The Annual Festival of Everything Geek! Running July 24-26 at the Hamilton Convention Centre in, well, Hamilton, ConBravo! is is a celebration of independent creators, gaming, cosplay, and so much more. (And yeah, we just stole that line from their website.) We will[...]