Convention Updates

Convention Updates

Anime Shogatsu!

The 404s are happy to help ring in the new year with a new convention – It’s Anime Shogatsu! Downtown Toronto on January 30th, we’ll be helping mock the last year in anime, gaming, and probably throw in a Star Wars spoilers or two cause we can. January 30th, 2016[...]


Anime North is back!

Yes, we’re BACK at Anime North again this year, to raise havoc, and entertain the otaku! What’s our schedule this year? Attack on Improv – Friday 5-7 pm – TCC North Building, Hall H Kick off your Anime North weekend with our classic anime improv show, right after the opening ceremonies![...]

Yes, it’s true! We’ll be BACK at Anime North! And we’re bringing the Westside cast with us! Again. More of your favourite geekprovery, live, in-person, and ready to make you laugh! Make you cry! And that’s just Dany when he de-pants. And as a SPECIAL BONUS, there will be one[...]