Tom Smith


Tom Smith

Tom was first bitten by the acting bug in Junior High, where he stared as “Snug” in the school production of William Shakespeare’s Mid Summers Night Dream. From there Tom went on to star as the “Sheriff of Nottingham” in a production of Robin Hood, where Tom found his sense of comedic timing. After an incident where the lights failed to fade Tom also discovered that he had a talent for improvising scenes.

With that in mind when Tom began at Mount Royal University, Tom scouted out the MRU’s improv club and soon became a star member. Quickly learning the basics, Tom soon found himself the President of the club and teaching others the ways of improv. After He left Mount Royal Tom found the 404s and joined in for a workshop. Soon a year had passed and Tom had found a new horrible family to call his own.

When not doing Improv you can find him writing skits, working on future videos, marathoning TV shows, and cosplaying when ever he has a moment to spare. A loveable idiot with an overactive imagination, Tom is never more than three sentences away from cracking a joke and always has a smile on his face.

Joined: 2013
Favourite Game: Lines From a Hat, World’s Worst, Pan Left Pan Right
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Batman, Firefly, Resident Evil, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Horror