“Medium” Mike Deveau


“Medium” Mike Deveau

Medium Mike lives by one rule: If you can’t beat’em, stalk the hell outta them until they let you join’em, and that’s pretty much how he (and other members) made it on the roster! It only took him one show to realize that this improv thing wasn’t just a hobby anymore, and through many years of working on his personal improv skills and nurturing his own improv group, he made it known that he belongs in this big crazy family known as The 404s.

Mike is a gamer at heart. While he’s a bit of a Nintendo fan-boy, he plays any games and consoles he can get his hands on. He has a fondness for comic books, movies, shows, collectibles, and anything else geeky that might tickle his fancy. Mike also is a graduate of visual/game design, using his skills to help with the group’s promotional materials and merchandise.

Joined: January 2011
Favourite Game: Question This, World’s Worst, Greatest Hits, Dating Game, Film Noire
Fandoms: Comedy, Videogames, Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, Anime
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