“Big” Michael Chindamo


“Big” Michael Chindamo

Big Mike “Expertly negotiated” his way onto the 404s after a
“Brilliant rendition of Sailor Moon”. Of course that’s how he tells it. The
rest of the roster is too busy repressing that year to really tell their side.

The 6’4 psychopath has become recognized as the 404s
resident Geek Encyclopedia with a firm love of everything you can probably name,
often boasting that he’s dipped his toe into the stuff even the hardcore types
won’t talk about.

Then he starts raving about Starfish Hitler and Michael Bay
for an hour until we calm him down.

Big Mike dares anything, anytime, anywhere with little
regard to what normal people call decency. He often brags that he’s seduced
wild bears (the animals, not the other kind), punched at least three historical
figures and forever changed the social media landscape during that one time he
bet Chris Evans…. But that’s a story for another time.

Joined: 2005
Favourite Games: Cyrano, Marshmallow, Funeral, Dating Game, Random Lines
Fandoms: Transformers, Kamen Rider, Anime, Comics, Video Games, Pen and Paper RPGs, Cartoons, Movies and… holy cow he doesn’t really stop
does he?
Coming Soon…