Animethon 18 in Edmonton This Weekend – Showtimes Posted!

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Animethon 18 in Edmonton This Weekend – Showtimes Posted!

Animethon 18 - The Logo!

The 404s got their start many years ago at this little ol’ anime convention called “Animethon” in Edmonton, Alberta, which has since grown to be one of the largest and most successful anime cons in Western Canada. We’re proud to come back every year and to present our classic anime-themed improv comedy shows to hundreds of people every year. This weekend is Animethon 18, and the Westside cast of The 404s is pleased to bring our best performances to what we consider our “flagship” show in Western Canada!

We’ve got FOUR different anime improv shows coming at Animethon, and here are their details and showtimes. Read on!

FRIDAY NIGHT – 7:00 – 8:30 – Room 6-214 – Anime Improv Fanservice Fun!

The “classic” anime improv show with maximum audience participation! The audience is invited onto the stage wtih The 404s, adding their suggestions and participation to kick off the Animethon weekend with improvised anime madness!

SATURDAY AFTERNOON – 3:00pm – 4:30pm – Room 6-214 – The National Anime Improv League!

This is the new, competitive anime improv we premiered at Taste of Animethon, where The 404s will improvise hockey style! A referee will direct the teams to give their best interpretation of a scene title, and the audience votes for points. Don’t miss this new popular improv format that’s taking off at cons around the country!

SATURDAY LATE-NITE – 11:30pm-????? – Room 8-211 – Last Pants Standing – The R-rated show!

It’s our infamous “late nite”, mature-rated anime improv show where letting our hair down is the least of your worries! No anime, no topic, no taboo is safe as we take the gloves off, for starters. Limited seating only, and IDs will be checked!

SUNDAY MORNING – 10:30 – noon – Room 7-146/187 – Anime Improv Workshop / Auditions

Wake up! We’re looking for new talent and dedicated fans of anime AND improv to become the next generation of 404s performers. Like what you see, and interested in joining the team? Show up for a look behind the scenes in improvisation, and if you’re interested in joining in, show us what you’ve got!

SUNDAY AFTERNOON – 1:00pm-2:30pm – Main Events Room – The Anime Improv Megashow Finale!

It’s the always-fun Sunday megashow, where the best improv comedy takes to the main stage! With bright lights, tights, fights, mikes, and audio-visual delights, The 404s wind up the weekend with encores of your favorite games, a bunch of new ones, plus the infamous MOUSETRAP GAME!

And as always, you can also expect collaborations with other awesome events happening on the convention weekend! The dance, the closing ceremonies, and our various performers will be seen at a bunch of panels (and down in the dealers room) too! It’s Animethon 18, gang – we’re pracited and ready to go, and we’re excited to see you on the weekend!