404:10:20 – The 404s Celebrate 10 Years at Animethon 20!

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404:10:20 – The 404s Celebrate 10 Years at Animethon 20!

In 2003, a bunch of mostly-friends did a show of mostly-amateur level improv comedy at Edmonton’s anime convention, Animethon. Ten years on, The 404s are happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary at the site of Animethon’s 20th year – our “Flagship” anime show for the Westside cast!


This year we’re proud to add so much more to the usual level of quality comedy you’ve come to expect from The 404s. We’ve got gameshows, workshops, panels, and hosting duties galore; and of course you’ll have access to us for our classic anime improv comedy, hockey-prov show, and the infamous, mature-rated “Last Pants Standing” elimination improv show! Plus, we’ve got more new team members eager to show off their stuff, more improv games they’ve brought with them, and some great surprises we’ll be announcing along the way.

The Facebook page is right HERE. Animethon 20 will be a banner event for The 404s, and as always you’re invited along for the fun. Come join us as we celebrate ten years of improvised madness at the con where it all started!