Anime North is back!

Yes, we’re BACK at Anime North again this year, to raise havoc, and entertain the otaku!

What’s our schedule this year?


Attack on Improv – Friday 5-7 pm – TCC North Building, Hall H
Kick off your Anime North weekend with our classic anime improv show, right after the opening ceremonies! High energy laughs with an otaku twist, and you power the show!

Big Fat Anime Quiz of the Year – Friday 9-11pm – International Plaza Hotel Hall C
It’s the “Big Fat Anime Quiz of the Year” a new game show featuring The 404s and YOU! The pub quiz is redefined with improv and anime trivia. And probably robots.

The League Show – Saturday 6-8pm – International Plaza Hotel Hall C
We proudly welcome the return of our Anime Improv League deathmatch show, where teams of improvisors battle for your votes and ultimate improv victory!

Last Pants Against Humanity – Saturday 11pm-???? – TCC North Building, Hall H
The NEVER EVER MISS THIS, late night, Last Pants Standing show! No censors, no holds barred, no way to wash your brains out after this show!

The Fanmade Set List – Sunday 4-6pm – TCC North Building, Hall H
Wind Up your weekend with us right before the closing ceremonies. Your suggestions, your ideas, our hilarious grande finale show!

It’s the poster for our Calgary Expo 2015 Friday show – and it’s FANTASTIC.

Yeah, that was a Who-ism, and why not? We’re doing a Doctor Who “Missing Episode” show, and complete with costumes, props and cheesy effects. We’re hoping to one-up our over-capacity “Game of Thrones” show from last year, and if the big blur box in the corner has anything to say about it, we’re on our way there!



The 404s Become Tributes from District 7 in Calgary’s Improv Games!

Mark and Tom from The 404s are participating in an improv fundraiser for Obviously Improv, a very awesome improv team in Calgary. Our team of two “Tributes” will perform for your votes and admiration among several teams culled from the best our local improv community have to offer!

The show is on Saturday, April 4 at Festival Hall Downtown. Tix are $20 and include “sponsor” coins to support your favorite teams on the field of improv battle! Optional dress code of the “Capitol” style from the Hunger Games movies is encouraged – and there’ll be a photobooth there for additional fun times!

Here’s our poster. You can find everything you need to know at the event page HERE!



We’ve got teaser posters for two shows we’ll be doing at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo – have a peek!

The Calgary Expo is one of our favorite nerd conventions to do, and every year we try to top ourselves with how nerdy our improv can be. Last year we abolutely packed our shows, which included Improv Against Humanity, a mullet style show (short games up front, a longer one in back – get it?), and the missing episode of “Game of Thrones”.


This year, we’re upping the stakes with a brand new edition of Improv Against Humanity, plus two fandom tributes to two of our favorite shows. Guess which ones they are!


ArrowProvFinal WhoProvFinal

We’re BACK at Dickens Pub in Calgary – March 10 is LAST PANTS STANDING!

The 404s are proud to be back at Dickens Pub for another show. This month it’ll be the infamous LAST PANTS STANDING format, where the cast will duel to be the last improviser standing – and with their pants on or off! The audience will be instrumental in judging who survives – so be there to play your part!



SHOWTIME: Tuesday, March 10 @ 8pm

VENUE: Dickens Pub in Calgary - 1000 9 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2Y6

COVER: $10 at the Door

Facebookers can find our event page HERE. Come on down, it’ll be a barrel o’ fun! And pants!

The Eastside 404s Open Workshop

Eastside Open Workshop

The Eastside 404s are holding an open workshop!

What is this?

It’s a chance to join us for a practice, do some exercises with us, and, just as a subtle hint, we DID have two members graduate last year, so we may have eyes open for people interested in auditioning.

Check out our Upcoming Workshops page for a rough idea of what will happen. (NOTE: Don’t do the email thing, that address is for the Westside cast, and we do things our own way on the Eastside.)

Doors open at 2:00. The workshop itself begins at 2:15ish.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

When: Saturday, February 28th, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Where: The Box Toronto, 89 Niagara Street -
How much: Free!
What to bring: Yourself, wearing comfortable clothing you can perform in, also clean shoes/sneakers to move in

Eastside Holiday Show 2014

Celebrate with us the worst that Improv Against Humanity has to offer! Where your suggestions and our cards come up with wonderfully terrible suggestions for us to perform.

Also, this is your LAST chance to see Dany perform, as it’s also his graduation show! Your last chance to make Dany do whatever you want him to.

You’ll also have a chance to win some Horrible Prizes!

Doors open at 7:30
Show starts at 8

Tickets: $10 at the door
$7 in advance at

A new monthly show in Calgary – Improv Against Humanity!

It’s true! We’re taking over the Dickens Pub stage on Tuesday, November 18 with a full-on performance of “Improv Against Humanity”, true to our reputation as the genre nerds of improv comedy!


Using the infamous “Party Game for Horrible People”, The 404s will use topics from Cards Against Humanity plus audience answers as the basis for totally unscripted comedy madness. And as always, your participation will power the show!

Showtime: 8pm
Tickets: $10 at the Door

The 404s have packed full rooms for years at genre events such as theCalgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and will be starting their monthly show with a brand-new performance of the same show. See you there!

Romeo VS Juliet – An Improv Fundraiser Showdown of Wits, Skits, and Idiots!

Romeo vs Juliet

Romeo vs Juliet

Let it be told that The 404s hast declar’d a duel against We Happy Few. Henceforth, on Saturday, November 15th at 8:00 pm, at The SoCap Theatre, thither shall be a duel. An improv duel. F’r the favour of all the ladies and gentleman of the audience.

These two casts will hurlyburly in a series of scenes to determine who will reign with improv supremacy.

It will make Titus Andronicus look like a papercut.

Proceeds from this show go to Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program, providing culture and entertainment to those in need.

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Surf! Sushi! We’re in Vancouver for Anime Revolution 2014!


The 404s road trip back to the Westernmost show of the year, the always-awesome Anime Revolution in beautiful Vancouver! Join us for a bevvy of awesome improv comedy shows where you guys power the performances that will always result in a barrel of laughs to go with the convention weekend!

The 404s Community!

Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter ! Watch us on Youtube ! Watch us on Vine !
Our Next Shows


Jurassic Prov


Improv-ers: Age of Free-Show

Upcoming 404s Shows & Events!

June 9 - Calgary, AB -
Jurassic Prov!

June 13 - Toronto, ON -
Improv-ers: Age of Free-Show

(This list will be updated as dates are confirmed)

The 404s – Merch Found

“Thanks so much for performing at our party...You were extremely funny, you did your research, and very flexible on the format. We would recommend you all to anyone that asked.”

- Terri Walsh, National Sales Operations Specialist at SAP

“ The 404s are one of Toronto’s best-kept comedy secrets, bringing improvisational comedy with a geeky bent to conventions, conferences and clubs all over North America.”

- Mike Anderson, Reviewer at

“ The first time I saw The 404s was a decade ago at Animethon 10 in Edmonton, entertaining rooms packed to the rafters. It’s been my pleasure to know and work with them through all these years and to see that they are still going strong, bringing much-needed laughter to fandom events all across Canada and North America. Looking forward to another ten great years.”

- Vlad G. Pohnert, Vice-President/AMV Director at Animethon

“ The 404s provided an unexpected but fun adventure for our City Council and volunteers. You never knew what was going to happen next and there were a lot of laughs along the way! They were a big hit!”

- Joey Leslie, City of Airdrie

"Thanks in part to your presence, Con-G 2011 was a resounding success. We had 705 people in attendance, a 35% growth from last year... It was a pleasure to have you back!"

- Con-G Staff (anime convention in Guelph, Ontario)

"The 404s offer a refreshing experience. Since there is no script their show is always tailored to the audience. Anything and everything can happen! Be warned though. Your sides will ache from all the laughing!"

- Heather Bendera, Coordinator at Ponoka Gymnastics Club

“They were all a pleasure to work with, fast on their feet and funny as Hell. They were just as much fun to perform with as they are to watch.”

- Doug Walker, a.k.a. “The Nostalgia Critic” (

“The rooms were filled to capacity, and on their Saturday late-nite performance, we took down the wall between two panel rooms to accommodate the crowd that wanted to check out the show! I HIGHLY recommend them for absolutely ANY event if you want to liven things up and thoroughly entertain your crowd!”

- Jeremy Androsoff, Director of Programming at Anime Revolution

Bring us in for a corporate function, private fundraiser, or a simple fun time!

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